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Meet the Team 

Jonathan Davis 

Ingeni’s founder Jonathan is a father of five, a performer in both straight theatre and musical theatre, plays keyboard in a SKA band, and is generally the most enthusiastic and energetic person you will ever meet. 
But don’t hold that against him! He’s also one of the most approachable people in the Compliance business with a genuine love of cars, the motor trade and the ‘process’ of selling. 
His background as a business development and sales training specialist taught him that it was important to incorporate legal requirements into the natural sales process, making it easy to do things right. 
His favourite phrase when talking about compliance is ‘if it feels clunky, you’re doing it wrong’, and that pretty much sums up the Ingeni ethos and approach. They make the complicated simple, and the process easy. 
Like many of his team, he’s the owner of a ridiculously cute dog, Maggie. As he’s new to dog-ownership, he’s been pleasantly surprised to find that Maggie is much more inclined to listen to him and do what he asks than his children are! 

Spencer Estall 

Spencer’s first job straight out of school was in a dealership working with cars. Not selling them but washing them! He moved on and tried his hand at being a postman, a retail manager for a chain of independent clothes stores, and then worked in the printing industry for 10 years, liaising with clients and advertising agencies. After a stint in advertising sales, he joined Ingeni in 2012 and found his true love there (his wife Cassie is part of the Ingeni admin team and had encouraged him to send his CV in). He also found a role that he loves. As Audit Director, Spencer looks after the on-the-road audit team at Ingeni and his role covers most of the customer-facing side of our dealer support services, including system demos and launches, auditing, and ongoing product and compliance training. 
Outside of Ingeni, Spencer is a motorbike enthusiast who enjoys group rides around the countryside search of the perfect country pub and the perfect bacon roll. He is unusual in Ingeni, as, like many in the team, he has performed on stage, but while he loved the rehearsals, he hated the show weeks. He now supports his talented family – both his children are keen actors. Spencer never thought of himself as a dog person, but last year he succumbed to the ‘Ingeni Influence’ and bought a dog for the children - and found himself turning into a doting dog dad himself. 

Becki Martin 

Before joining Ingeni, Becki had a background as ‘something in the city’. She worked for Barclays bank, then joined the broking desk at PVM Oil, broking Brent and Dubai crude oil. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds and she loved working in the City! It was only when the daily commute became too onerous that Becki moved to a Pensions and Investments firm in Chelmsford. 
She joined Ingeni 10 years ago as an administrator and is now operations director. Becki is the project lead for the new Ingeni Transaction Manager system and has been very closely involved in developing and testing it. She’s also responsible for the company’s accounts and MI, and with her team is responsible for customer care, claims, refunds, policy management and general administration. She’s very involved with our customers and considered part of the team by many of them. 
Outside of Ingeni Becki loves exercise and fitness, and credits it with keeping her sane. She is a qualified fitness instructor and before becoming a director still taught a weekly class. Unusually for people who work at Ingeni, she doesn’t own a dog, but that does give her the ability to pursue her other passion – travelling. 

Warren Marsden 

Warren has over 35 years history in the UK Motor Trade and has held posts from Trainee Sales Executive up to Regional Director. With this experience, he is acutely aware of the needs of the Dealer when it comes to Insurance and Compliance, how to effectively control it and how to adhere to FCA regulations. Warren is looking forward to sharing his experience with the Ingeni Dealer Network. 
He is dad to three fantastic lads who have all graduated through the Motor Trade University and he spends much of his spare time watching his beloved Blackburn Rovers (yes, he’s one of the few). The balance of his time is spent with any or all of his 6 young grandchildren, (usually all at the same time). Having recently adopted a Romanian rescue dog called Marley, Warren is convinced that he needs to “brush up” on his Romanian, as the dog continues to ignore him! 
Within Ingeni, Warren’s responsibilities are to assist the Dealer Groups in their understanding and development of Insurance Sales, to ensure that they maintain total compliance and provide a good service to their customers. He is convinced that the ‘Ingeni Way’ is the simplest and yet most effect programme available to the UK Dealer Network. As he says, ‘Dealers have an awful lot to work to, day to day, and my job is to ease the burden of Insurance and Compliance without making daily life more complicated’. 

Roxanne Tibbert 

Roxanne is a member of the admin team, and is our local expert, having lived in or around Earls Colne all her life. She worked as an insurance broker for a number of years before having a family and retraining as a chef. She combined raising her children with a series of jobs in local restaurants, catering firms and cafés, and undertook specialist training in Patisserie at which she excels. 
As such it was a natural step to join Ingeni, as every staff member considers themselves a cake connoisseur, and all of us are particularly appreciative of Roxanne’s talents! 
Roxanne got married last year after having to cancel twice because of the Covid restrictions. She organised the event in just 9 weeks and had it the weekend after the restrictions were lifted, making it a celebration to remember for all involved. She recently moved into a new house with her husband and two children, and loves walking in the countryside, entertaining family and friends, and burning off any spare energy on her spin bike. 
She bucks the trend at Ingeni as she shares her home with a couple of cats as well as her husband and two children. 

Cassie Estall 

Cassie is one of the friendly voices on the end of the phone when you call in. With 12 years’ experience in the admin team and a background in dividend analysis in Asset Management at BNY Mellon, she takes a no-nonsense, no-fuss approach to problem-solving for our customers. Cassie’s has a well-developed sense of humour and is adept at providing an off-beat commentary on the oddities and inanities of daily life as a mother to two young children. 
Cassie is also an actor, singer and dancer. She’s played both leading and supporting roles in operatic societies across Essex, and has worked as assistant director on productions too, providing administrative and marketing support for many shows. Her dog, Ronnie has on occasion joined the team at Ingeni as office mascot and chief meet & greeter. 

Amelia Fancy 

Amelia is the youngest member of Ingeni team – she joined us straight out of university in 2022, where she graduated with a first class degree in Business Studies, Leadership and Management. She works in the admin team and is one of the people collating management information for the dealerships and solving your problems when you pick up the phone. 
Amelia is another dog lover – she has a Labrador and a Springer Spaniel who keep her on her toes, and she loves socialising with friends and family. 

Mark Fincham 

Mark’s career has been extremely varied, starting on horseback while serving in the Mounted Life Guards Regiment of the Household Cavalry and then working as a Civil Servant, Money Broker and Estate Agent before he was seduced by the motor industry. He worked in dealerships across Essex for more than thirty years before joining the team at Ingeni and so has an excellent understanding of how to blend regulatory requirements into daily working practises. 
However, Mark’s true love is the theatre. He’s been a performer since childhood, playing both lead and supporting roles as well as working backstage, on the lighting desk, in front of house and behind the scenes too. He has served as Chairman and Business Manager for Colchester Operatic Society and been a performing member in Braintree and Chelmsford. Those of us who have seen him perform will never forget his Sweeny Todd, although his favourite role was Frederick in the Pirates of Penzance – a 21-year-old ingenue who seems a long way away from the wickedly wise-cracking Mark that we know today. Mark has two grown-up daughters and, keeping with a common Ingeni theme, a ridiculously cute dog, Tolkien. 

Richard Williams 

Richard is another car industry specialist and has worked in dealerships for twenty years in various roles, working his way up to Group Compliance and Business Manager. Joining Ingeni in 2022 was a natural progression for him and he was a great addition to the audit team. 
Richard is a rugby fan who used to play regularly, but now only manages to play five times a year with his Veteran’s team. He’s father to five young men who keep him feeling young, and, like so many of the Ingeni team is a dog lover, with the obligatory pair of endearing dogs!  
He lives in North Wales and makes the most of the spectacular beaches and mountains there. For him, the Essex countryside around the Ingeni offices just doesn’t have enough hills! 

Iain Robson 

Iain is a member of the audit team, and like many in Ingeni, has spent nearly 2 decades working in retail vehicle sales, although he started his career in marketing as a direct mail specialist. As such, he understands completely how important it is to communicate with customers clearly, and he has the real-world experience of managing a dealership to help dealers build compliance into the sales process. 
When not at Ingeni, Iain is an outdoor sports enthusiast, enjoying mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, target shooting, and camping. A more esoteric hobby is the Maori art of Fire Poi (look it up – it’s fascinating), and when he wants to relax, Iain is a keen gamer. He also admits that he’s a bit of a geek, building his own water-cooled PCs. 
Iain bucks the trend at Ingeni by owning a cat, rather than a dog. He says she’s beautiful but temperamental, and he still bears the scars she inflicted for ‘stroking her the wrong way.’ 

Ashlea Knight 

Ashlea is part of the admin team, and she looks after those customers who need to make a claim on an Ingeni insurance policy. Her professional background is in Insurance, as she previously worked at LV and Equity Red Star Insurance, but she left the insurance world for a while to have a family. Fortunately for Ingeni, after taking on a series of part-time roles while the children were very small, she has now returned to the corporate world where her insurance experience is very much valued. 
She’s a good fit with the rest of the Ingeni team, which is to say she’s friendly, good-humoured, and committed to making life easier for her customers. She does buck the general trend by owning cats, rather than dogs, but like many in the team, she loves the theatre – although as an audience member, rather than cast member. Ashlea says she loves socialising, planning events and parties, and eating out, although she’s not adverse to decamping to Norfolk regularly for a bit of downtime. The family keep a caravan there, and it makes a great base for holidaying with her children. 

David Peddel 

David’s background is in the motor industry. Before joining Ingeni he spent 16 years working as a car salesman for Underwoods, Vindis and Marshalls, so he is extremely knowledgeable about the day-to-day pressures facing people working in a dealership. He fancied a change but didn’t want to leave the industry he loved, so Ingeni seemed like a good move for him. 
We knew he was the right personality for us when he said he thought compliance was interesting (it is, it really is!) and he liked the way Ingeni was focussed on trying to make compliance easier for dealers. Unlike many here at Ingeni, David isn’t into performing and he doesn’t own a photogenic dog, but his wife is a drama teacher, and he fostered dogs during lockdown. As such, he was obviously meant to be part of the Ingeni team! 
David lives in Sudbury, in beautiful Suffolk, with his wife and 2 children. He’s within easy reach of the Essex Head Office, but is part of Spencer’s auditing team, and many of our customers will therefore get to meet him personally. 

Aimee Young 

Aimee is one of the voices on the end of the line when you call into Head Office – she’s part of the Admin team. Before joining Ingeni, Aimee spent 5 years in Australia and worked as a hotel manager in Bondi Beach. Although Bondi is famous for its surfing culture and Aimee even owned her own board, she only tried surfing when she came home to England. As she says, the weather might not be as good in Cornwall, but the rollers are definitely less terrifying. 
You might think that the hospitality and compliance and insurance worlds are very different, but Aimee finds that the two industries are quite similar. You need to be a ‘people person’ to work in both, be friendly, flexible, and enjoy sorting things out for customers. The biggest difference is that unlike the Hotel, the Ingeni Head Office doesn’t smell of suntan lotion! 
Aimee is a self-confessed morning person, who enjoys watching the sunrise with a good cup of coffee. She now lives in the pretty Market town of Halstead, making her one of our locals. She shares a birthday with her King Charles Spaniel, and as a dog-owner, fitted right into our dog-obsessed team. Aimee loves travelling, and anything outdoors or fitness related, with coastal walks a particular favourite. 
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