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The Ultimate Protection for your car 

Ceramic Protection Plus 

Ingeni’s Ceramic Protector Plus uses Gen3 Hybridised Carbon bonding technology to prevent damage and dulling from day one. 
The Ingeni Ceramic Protector Plus works at the atomic level to create an ultra-hard, incredibly smooth, transparent ceramic coating. This bonds with the textured microscopic surface of the paint, leaving a truly smooth protective finish that offers nothing for dirt, pollutants and mineral salts to cling to. 
This means no abrasives are required to remove surface dirt - you just need a little soapy water - and because the paint itself never becomes exposed to anything, it retains that perfect ‘straight out of the showroom’ shine. No need for waxing or polishing, just rinse off the dirt and expose the shine again. 

Protects More than just the Paintwork 

Originally developed by NASA and approved by Boeing, the Ingeni Ceramic Multi-Surface Protector doesn’t just protect your paintwork. It is applied to all external surfaces of the car, invisibly protecting the glass, bumpers, mirrors, lights and wheels. 

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No more scrubbing hard-to remove brake dust off your alloy wheels, because just like with the paint, at a microscopic level, the Gen3 hybridised carbon coating bonds with the metal, and dust has nothing to cling to. 


The interior surfaces of your vehicle also protected. Leather seats are protected using specialist Leather Master products, which allow the leather to breathe whilst protecting and extending the life of the surface. 
Fabric seats are protected using the same hybridised carbon bonding technology to create an invisible, flexible coating. This prevents food residue or dirt from getting into the material fibres themselves, meaning stains cannot get into the weave and fabric seats are much easier to clean. 

Lifetime Guarantee 

The Ingeni Ceramic Protection Plus system is guaranteed for as long as you own the car. 
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