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Paint & Interior Protection  

Ceramic Protection 

Ingeni Ceramic Protector 
Keep your paintwork's showroom shine with Ingeni‚Äôs Ceramic Protector. This is titanium oxide and ceramic polymer coating which protects the paintwork with an ultra-hard, high gloss finish.  
It works at the microscopic level to coat the paint surface with an incredibly durable, protective layer. It provides both physical protection against dirt, pollutants, acid attack and bird mess, with UV protection to resist fading.  
No need for waxing and polishing, a simple wash with soapy water is all that is required to keep your paintwork looking its best. 

Click to watch our Ceramic Protection video  Click to download our Ceramic Protection brochure 

Protects More than just the Paintwork 

The same ceramic technology is be used on the interior fabrics too, coating the individual fibres to stop dropped food and surface dirt from sinking into the weave. Treated fibres shrug off stains and make cleaning the seats much easier. 

Lifetime Guarantee 

The Ingeni Ceramic Protection system is guaranteed for as long as you own the car. 
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